Queen B’s was established in KwaZulu-Natal in 2017, aiming to provide women with support during their difficult struggle against breast cancer. Our ethos is to give women the advice and support they need most during treatment and post-treatment.


Queen B’s was founded by Zeidah Koobair, here is her personal story:

“My youngest son was 18 months old when I discovered a lump in my right breast accidently. I thought nothing of it until I went to my Gynae for a regular check-up. He took examined me and asked if I was experiencing any pain. I happily shook my head saying, “I’m as fit as a fiddle”.

Little did I know. He just looked at me, with eyes as big as saucers.

I was at a very happy space in my life at that time, just having my last baby, and really content with things, so what could go wrong? Well, here goes!

Dr. Mahesh Bhana immediately made an appointment for me with a specialist. Being oblivious of what was really happening, I casually went to Dr. “Specialists” rooms, thinking I was ever so important.

He took one look at me and said , “I would like to do an FNA!”. “Ok”, I replied, still thinking nothing of it. He plunged a needle in my side of my right breast, “Ouch! Eina!”. I saw a white fluid fill the syringe and that was that.

“Get dressed”, he said, “I will call you in a day or two”.
“That was easy”, I thought and off I went.

Well the next couple of days were a bit tense for my husband, dont ask me why, I was the one that went for the tests, like duh. As you can see I wasn’t taking this very seriously, until, the “Specialist” called me on my cell to come in and bring a family member with me. By then my hubby had left for work already, so I apparent called my sister, who worked in Durban Central to meet me at the doctors office at City Hospital. I say apparently because the events that followed were a complete blur, like I was in a dream.

It was my turn to go see Dr “Specialist”. He got straight to the point, no niceties. “Please sit Mrs Koobair, I have some distressing news. Is there anyone with you?”. I just shook my head thinking, “This man is so rude. He can’t even greet or ask how I am because I’m friendly like that!”.

The word “distressing” hasn’t hit me yet. Until he sat down himself, and opened my folder. He looked at me, folded his hands together, and proceeded to tell me that my results came back. He says, “Unfortunately, it’s bad news. You have a Malignant cell in your right breast and it is at Stage 4.”
I looked at him, very confused, and I said, “What!!”

He said, “You have Cancer Mrs Koobair, we will have to get you into surgery asap”. I just sat there, looking at him, and remember thinking, “AGAIN I MUST GO TO HOSPITAL, I just had my baby”.

The Events following this are still as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

So today I write this with a very positive heart, I am able to help and support other ladies who find themselves in a similar situation. I was introduced to a bunch of beautiful PINK ANGELS called REACH FOR RECOVERY.

It is also here where I decided that we need more support groups in all areas, so I decided to start my own Support / Awareness Campaigns in the area that I reside. With the backing and support of REACH FOR RECOVERY, we are able to create an Awareness of Early Detection Saves Lives initiative, every October, because this month highlights specifically Breast Cancer.

We also do Hospital visits to patients who have recently been diagnosed or have had surgery. We offer support, love, comfort, and just someone to talk to.


Want to support our cause? Your contribution will make a difference in helping those in their fight against cancer.


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